Help keep outrage alive when the curtain falls on impeachment

That’s the goal of a project I’m working on with the American Prospect magazine.

The scheme in brief: an online map of Trump Administration corruption. Using text, graphics and voice narration, we’re building an agency-by-agency exhibit of the most unfit appointees and the most egregious cases of self-enrichment, insider dealing, favors dispensed to fat-cats and nasty corporations, taxpayer dollars misdirected, and public duties neglected.

The aims in brief:

  1. Keep outrage alive by calling renewed attention to the rampant and brazen crookedness of the Trump gang — the stuff recently overshadowed by the Russia and Ukraine probes and the issue of foreign meddling in a U.S. election.
  2. Fuel the effort to end an epically dangerous presidency.
  3. Generate support for sweeping clean-government reforms to address the subtler, more humdrum forms of corruption — the corporate capture and bribery-adjacent behavior — that block America’s way forward on one big issue after another, with or without Donald Trump in the White House.

If you can help, please use the dedicated donation page on the Prospect website or write a check to The American Prospect, noting that it is for the Trump Corruption Project, and send to Jim Lardner, 4849 Connecticut Avenue NW #832, Washington DC 20008. Your contribution is tax-deductible either way.  


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