My Midweek Vacation

Monday 4 pm, my bike and I board the Capitol Limited from DC to Martinsburg West Virginia.
… for a visit to Emma Lardner, caught here in the act of receiving a text mssage from an admier.
Tooling around Martinsburg.
Patterson’s Drug Store has a soda fountain! It’s been there for 41 years.
Image result for shepherd university
Shepherdstown, where I begin the ride home. 72 miles to DC.
Setting off down the Potomac.
Harpers Ferry
A lock. I forget which.
Coffee in Brunswick.
Not your average cafe.
Monocacy Aqueduct. The 45-mile mark.
Dancing Leaf Farm. Sleepover.
Counting sheep. 2 of them.
And a lot of wool. (Host is a yarn-dyer.)
Breakfast in Poolesville.
Down to Edwards Ferry.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-18.png
Fields aplenty.
Back on the towpath.
Canal dweller.
Great Falls.
Guardian at the city’s gate.
Georgetown! Thursday 4 pm. Riding the No. 31 bus up Wisconsin Ave.


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