Pruning the field

Bob Kuttner has been mulling this question over. His latest idea is for the Democrats to “emulate the World Cup, or one of the major tennis tournaments, and use elimination rounds. For the Wall Street Democrats, Booker against Gillibrand. For the geezers, Biden against Sanders. For the progressives, Warren versus Brown (or maybe Sanders). For the dark horses, Landrieu against Castro.”

In case that’s too much to hope for, here’s my fallback proposal: let us do whatever we can to get the Wall Street (and Corporate) Democrats to bow out early. I note that several more candidates may be fairly entitled to that label.

If I were a director casting a play, here’s what I would tell them in the warmest possible terms: “Thank you so much for coming in to read for the part, but we’re going with a different concept this time around.”


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