What Does the Day Hold in Store? You Never Know.

7:12 am: Confusion. Disarray. Aimlessness.

7:45 am: There’s a crow outside my window.

8:30 am: I default to TennisTV, which transports me to Monte Carlo!

8:30-10 am: Erstwhile bad boy Fabio Fognini, seemingly down for the count at multiple points along the way, comes back to win the biggest tournament of his life.

10 am: Inspired by his example, I mobilize for a walk to Starbucks and order a mocha from Nick Lardner.

10:30-ish: I stroll up Livingston Street, mocha in hand, to a nearby park for some reading and writing.

Noon: On to Trader Joe’s.

1:30 pm: A walk down Albemarle Street.

2:45 pm: Bread Furst, just in time for the end of Emma Lardner’s shift. No telling how long these kids will be living nearby. Let’s make the most of it!

Circa 3:30 pm: Home. Emma puts the flowers in a vase. I put the vase on an afghan that my mother made for me long ago. Nice!

Emma at the window.

3:52 pm: The miracle of texting.

4:30: Out on the court.

6:10 pm: Home again. A clean refrigerator! You don’t see one of those too often. (Courtesy of Emma Lardner.)

8 pm: Dinner for two. (My doing. Pretty fancy. Note the capers on the salmon.)

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